Women at Girl Fit

Women are, of course, welcome at Girl Fit too! Women have unique needs, just like girls, and Girl Fit PT offers specialized services to meet those needs too. Our physical therapists treat adult women as well as adolescent girls.  Choose from the following services: 

  • Physical Therapy

    • Girl Fit Physical Therapy offers physical therapy for women of all ages. The physical therapy evaluation and treatments will address strength, flexibility, mobility, balance, pain, posture, and more. Click here for more information on insurance coverage. Contact us via phone or email to schedule your evaluation.

  • Wellness Visits

    • A one on one wellness visit with a physical therapist to address specific needs and goals. Click here for pricing information.

  • Annual Check Up

    • A check up is recommended once or twice a year to complete a full body assessment of strength, flexibility, balance and endurance, and potentially catch an injury before it happens.

  • Lady Fit - a Fitness Class for Women

    • Lady Fit is a mid-day strength, conditioning, and flexibility class to break up your day, boost your energy, stand up, and stay fit! Click here to see the schedule and sign up for a class.,