Skate Fit at Skating Club of Boston

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Skate Fit is a strength, flexibility, and injury prevention class developed for the unique sport specific needs of all figure skaters. Skate Fit is a high energy, quick paced strength and flexibility class with an emphasis on form and control. Each workout includes core, glute, upper body, lower body, foot and ankle strengthening, as well as balance, body mechanics, and flexibility. Skate Fit also includes education and feedback throughout the workout to the help skaters continue to learn body awareness, how to modify exercises to their own strength level, safe workout and cross training techniques, and the basic principles of injury prevention.

Pricing for Skate Fit Classes: 

  • First Girl Fit, Skate Fit, or Yoga Class is free!
  • Single class: $18
  • 5 pack of classes: $80
  • 10 pack of classes: $150

Sign up information: 

  • All classes can be scheduled and paid for through the “MindBody” app (click link or search Girl Fit Physical Therapy)
  • Classes need at least 8 skaters signed up by 1 week prior to the class, or the class will be cancelled
  • Skate Fit classes must be cancelled at least a week prior to class 


Skate Fit Fall 2017 & Spring 2018 Schedule

Tuesday classes will focus on Strength, Agility & Plyometrics

6-6:40 PM

6:40-7:20 PM

Thursday classes will focus on Flexibility, Balance & Core

6-6:40 PM

6:40-7:20 PM

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