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Therapy for Dancers

Kate is the absolute best! When I first met Kate, I was unable to dance because of my injury. Her immense knowledge about what dancers and athletes need to stay healthy helped me to become a stronger, more well-rounded dancer, and her enthusiasm and confidence kept me optimistic during the recovery process. Thanks to Kate, I’ve avoided surgery and am happily back to dancing full time! From the beginning Kate has been a constant source of support and knowledge. Because of her focus on both mental and physical wellbeing, I steadily improved throughout my rehabilitation and have gained confidence in my ability to avoid future injuries. I truly cannot think of a more ideal place to stay healthy and have fun than Girl Fit Physical Therapy, and I’m so glad I've had Kate to learn from!

-Rachel, Girl Fit alum

A Safe Haven for Girls

You and Girl Fit are a safe haven for my daughter. It's a place she sees herself recovering and getting stronger as well as being a place for her long term. I don't know what we would do if Girl Fit hadn't come along. A place for fitness and physical therapy for girls all under the same roof?! -Genius! She loves the environment at Girl Fit. You guys are a nice balance and distraction from the high school social scene that can sometimes be exhausting for girls. Never under estimate the impact you have on young girls! We are so grateful for you!

-Mary, Girl Fit Mom

Not Just Strong, But Knowlegeable

Today at Dryland we were doing a workout and the coach kept having me demonstrate and said that I got "a gold star for the day" because I was the only one actually doing the exercises well. My friend was like "How are you so good at this?" And my response was "Girl Fit!!!" :)

-Carrie, Girl Fit patient


Passionate, Enthusiastic PTs

Girl Fit PT is by far the best place I've ever been for PT and is staffed by the most phenomenal physical therapists. The entire staff is committed to figuring out the best way to tailor plans to each individual and their goals and sports. I am involved in aerial arts, and Kate asked me to send her videos of the skills I wanted to return to in order to tailor my rehab plan accordingly. I've never met PTs so invested in their patients!! All of the staff bring their passion and enthusiasm to work every day and it's visible in the welcoming, empowering, and upbeat atmosphere at Girl Fit, whether it be a PT session or a class!

-Margot, Girl Fit Girl

Helping You Get Back to What You Love

Kate - If it wasn’t for you, I don’t think I would still be dancing.  You have helped me to stay motivated after injuries and have given me so many tools to stay healthy.  Thank you for helping me continue to do what I love each day”

- Rachel, Girl Fit patient

Skate Fit with Girl Fit PT

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