Physical Therapy Evaluation & Treatment

The physical therapists at Girl Fit Physical Therapy specialize in the unique needs of female athletes of all ages. Our philosophy is based upon evidence based medicine, creating personalized plans of care for each individual patient, and treating the whole person.

We work with each patient to find the right combination of activity modification, pain free strengthening and flexibility based upon their individual needs, and training on movement and body mechanics to decrease stress on the body and to allow for more efficient, safe, and pain free movement. 

Our physical therapists are trained in manual therapy, soft tissue/deep tissue release techniques, Graston, dry needling, cupping, and many other specialized treatment techniques. While we value the use of manual therapy to help get you get better, we want to help you move smoothly into an independent strength program to STAY better. 

We will help you reach your goals and cheer you on along the way. We value patient education above all else and strive to help every patient understand why their injury occurred, how to get better, and how to prevent that (and other!) injuries from occurring again. We will work with each patient to develop a strong home exercise program from day one and want you to feel confident and independent in keeping yourself injury free upon discharge to help you stay strong, flexible, and injury free.

Insurance & Payment

Girl Fit Physical Therapy is currently in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield, Tufts Commercial Plans, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Aetna, ALLways/Partners (previously Neighborhood Health), and United Healthcare.

If you have another insurance company, we would be happy to provide you with the needed information and treatment notes to submit for out-of-network benefits. 

Please call 617-618-9290 or email for information on scheduling, insurance, and other questions.

Wellness Visits

Wellness Visits are 30 or 45 minute visits with a physical therapist designed to provide the expertise of a physical therapist to client’s who do not have an injury, who have discharged from physical therapy, and/or who would like to stay proactive in their health, wellness, and injury prevention. 

Health insurance companies do not typically pay for maintenance and injury prevention services, thus our packages of Wellness Visits provide a discounted self pay option. Wellness visits can be utilized as check ins with a physical therapist to monitor strength, flexibility, body mechanics, or other impairments, to provide maintenance manual work (including dry needling, graston, or cupping), or to progress your home/gym exercise program.

Pricing for Wellness Visit sessions:

  • Single 30 minute session: $60

  • 5 Pack of 30 minute sessions: $290

  • 10 Pack of 30 minute sessions: $550

  • Single 45 minute session: $90

  • 5 Pack of 45 minute sessions: $435

  • 10 Pack of 45 minute sessions: $825

Stay Fit Memberships

Our vision at Girl Fit has always been to help empower girls and women to learn to take care of their bodies. We want you to be knowledgeable and confident when walking into the gym to work out and to stay injury free for the activities you love. Thus, beginning in September 2019, we are excited to offer you the “Stay Fit Membership Contract” and “Stay Fit Premium Membership Contract”.

Stay Fit Membership Contract:

  • Each month of your membership includes:

  • One 45 minute Wellness Visit with a physical therapist

  • Up to 4 self guided workouts at Girl Fit OR classes (member can choose how to divide)

Stay Fit Premium Membership Contract:

  • Each month of your membership includes:

  • One 45 minute Wellness Visit with a physical therapist

  • Up to 8 self guided workouts at Girl Fit OR classes (member can choose how to divide)

What is a Wellness Visit?

  • A 45 minute visit with one of our physical therapists which can be used to develop and progress a customized workout with your goals and individual needs in mind.

  • Each month, the PT will help you progress your program, learn new exercises, learn how to structure a workout and create strength training circuits, and empower you to feel comfortable and confident working out.

What is a Self-Guided Workout?

  • Your workout will be your individualized exercise program developed by your PT and updated or modified at your monthly Wellness Visit.

  • You will have the opportunity to come to Girl Fit to perform your workout and to use Girl Fit’s equipment.

  • You will be surrounded by other girls and women taking charge of their health and wellness while enjoying a positive, supportive, fun, high energy environment.

  • You can sign up to come work out at Girl Fit during the many open times available.

  • Our work it outs are no longer available.

Who would benefit from our membership contracts?

  • If you are discharging from PT and would like to continue building on your gains from PT

  • If you find it hard to stay accountable for your home exercise program at home

  • If you would like to check in with your PT once a month to ensure you are making progress

  • If you are an athlete who wants to stay on top of your sport whether during or off season or you’re wanting to get ready for tryouts

  • If you who would like to learn how to work out, stay strong, and feel confident walking into a gym

  • If you would like to workout in a safe, positive, empowering environment

  • ...and many more! Contact Allison at to find out if this seems right for you!

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Running Gait Analysis

A running gait analysis is a detailed evaluation that looks at an individual’s running form as well as functional strength, mobility, and movement patterns. This is an ideal program that is beneficial for new and seasoned athletes, all ages and experience levels, where running is either the main sport or part of the sport. It is always a good time to get your running form and functional strength/mobility tested, however, the most ideal time is before any type of training starts. For a lot of teenagers, this can be before or during preseason of a sport, and for adult running athletes, before a training cycle for a race starts. Even if you are just running for recreation, or to stay in shape, a running gait analysis is a great way to help you prevent the occurrence of injuries by targeting the areas you need to work on!

When we perform a gait analysis, first we look at a functional movement screen to see ‘how’ you move, and what your ‘biomechanics’ are like during some basic movements. Then, we often look at a full body strength, endurance, and mobility screen. Following these tests, we will have you walk and run on a treadmill while we take a video of you doing so from different angles. We then analyze your gait and form by looking at the video in slow motion. From here, we help tie together what we see in your form and any impairments in strength and mobility that could be affecting your gait or setting you up for injury. Lastly, we address your findings by creating an individualized plan for you to start targeting the areas you need to work on, as well as ways to address form corrections that may improve your efficiency. Form corrections can include anything from foot strike patterns, overpronation, lower extremity landing mechanics, posture, cadence, stride length, and more!

Remember though, addressing impairments and fixing form does take time, practice, and patience, but even one or two changes initially can significantly reduce your risk for injury. In our population of female runners and athletes, one of the most common complaints is knee pain! And due to the nature of how female bodies are built, females are 2X more prone than males to experience knee pain, and particularly patellofemoral pain (Besier et al. 2008, Willy et al, 2012). For example, studies show that a higher ‘cadence’ (steps per minute) reduces patellofemoral joint forces in the knee, which is why many runners aim to run around 180 steps per minute. “Increasing step rate is an effective strategy to reduce patellofemoral joint forces and could be effective in modulating biomechanical factors that can contribute to patellofemoral pain”(Lenhart 2014). This particular study found that just a 10% increase in cadence can result in 14% decrease in patellofemoral joint reaction forces, lowering the amount of stress in the knee.

If you or someone you know is running and can benefit from a thorough gait analysis, or if you have further questions about whether a gait analysis is right for you, please contact us to set up a Running Gait Analysis. If you are currently injured, in pain and require physical therapy, schedule a physical therapy evaluation by contacting or calling 617-618-9290.

Pricing for Running Gait Analysis:

  • 1 hour Running/walking gait analysis: $160

  • Follow up treatment/reassessments for 45 minutes: $90

  • 3 pack: 1 hour assessment plus two 45 min follow ups: $330

  • 5 pack: assessment plus 4 follow ups: $500