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Girl Fit Classes

The GIRL FIT class is a strength, flexibility, and injury prevention class tailored to the unique needs of adolescent females. Each class consists of a dynamic warm up, upper body strengthening, core strengthening, glute strengthening, hip stability, lower body and posterior chain strengthening, ankle stability, balance, and stretching. Girls are encouraged to listen to their bodies and modify their workouts to match their own skill level and to maintain good form. Girl Fit is a fun, high energy workout and excellent cross training. Bring your friends and let Girl Fit help you stay strong enough to follow your dreams!

Yoga Classes 


Teenage girls are experiencing more opportunities in the world than ever before, yet are often faced with great challenges socially, emotionally, and with family, academic, and extra-curricular commitments. Yoga for Girls is designed to promote and enhance flexibility, calm, and strength in both mind and body.  In this co-created, safe space girls have the opportunity to explore traditional yoga postures, breathing techniques, mindfulness, meditation, partner work and group challenges. Through movement, games, breathing practices, and deep relaxation girls will enhance their self-confidence, focus, connection to others, and ability to find calm within themselves. Girls will learn how to call upon these personal strengths when stressful moments arise.   

Pricing for Classes: 

  • First class is free when you sign up on mindbody!

  • Single Class: $18

  • 5 Class Package: $80

  • 10 Class Package: $150

Work It Out

photo by Emily Teresa Photography

photo by Emily Teresa Photography

WORK IT OUT is an opportunity for girls to come work out in a safe and supportive environment with a plan created by a physical therapist to meet their unique sport specific goals. Girls will be supervised for good form and learn to listen to their bodies to create a safe, chalenging workout. Girls will learn the basics of how to choose, modify, and progress their exercises safely when working out. 

Work It Out is designed to help girls stay strong, flexible, injury free, and confident in taking charge of their health, fitness, and injury prevention. Girls may arrive and work out for their desired amount of time during the 1 hour workout session.

To participate in a Work It Out session, girls will have a work out plan created by their physical therapist upon discharge from PT. If not transitioning directly out of PT, girls should book a 30 minute one-on-one session with a physical therapist to develop a plan for their workouts to meet their unique and sport specific goals. To schedule a one-on-one session with a physical therapist, call Girl Fit Physical Therapy at 617-618-9290 or email 

Pricing for Work It Out Sessions: 

  • Single Work It Out Session: $30

Spotlight on some of our amazing collaborators! 

Yoga with Meg


After years of participating in competitive sports, from ice hockey to triathlons, Meg discovered yoga as a means to connecting with herself in a new way, mentally and physically. She chose to deepen and share her practice by becoming a certified yoga teacher through the Kripalu School of Yoga. Incorporating her love of nature, art, and movement, Meg has been leading walking meditations, outdoor yoga asana classes, and pop-up group classes in the New England area.  In her approach to teaching, Meg aims to create a safe and judgement-free experience in which students can feel comfortable to cultivate a deeper mind and body awareness through yoga, in nearly any environment.

A curious and eager learner, Meg holds a BA in Psychology, BFA in Photography, and a MA in International Relations and Economics.  Her professional career has spanned from artist, to school teacher, to program officer for a micro finance organization, and most recently to teacher of ESL to incarcerated adults.  A native of New Jersey, Meg cultivated her love of travel and culture by living in Europe and Asia for a combined 14 years.  She currently resides in Brookline, MA with her husband and two children.  

Meg holds sacred meeting and connecting with others.  Teaching yoga has become the ideal way for her to apply creativity and compassion in helping others to help themselves.


Mental Skills with Kelsey 

Kelsey received her Bachelor of Arts in dance from Muhlenberg College in 2011.  After two years in New York City, she decided to pursue her master’s degree in sport and exercise psychology at Springfield College. While at Springfield, Kelsey worked with athletes, teams, and coaches at the NCAA Division III collegiate level.  She has also worked with the Massachusetts Olympic Development elite soccer program and Broadway performers. Additionally, she completed a thesis examining the effects of training on the mood states of professional ballet dancers. 

Kelsey currently serves as the Performance Enhancement & Rehabilitation Specialist at The Micheli Center for Sports Injury Prevention, an affiliate of Boston Children's Hospital--Division of Sports Medicine.  Having danced all her life, Kelsey has a personal understanding of the demands placed on athletes -- mentally, physically and emotionally.  Her goal is to help athletes of all ages learn to navigate the maze of challenges associated with sport [confidence, motivation, self talk, goal setting, anxiety/arousal control] to better reach self-determined goals and perform optimally both on and off the field, court, ice and stage. 

photo by Joe Thibodeau Photography

photo by Joe Thibodeau Photography

photo by Justin Mayotte

photo by Justin Mayotte


Hip Hop Cardio with Evolve Dynamicz

As artists, we seek to confront the challenges of a millennial life with a sense of openness and vulnerability. Our work embraces these challenges with curiosity, intimacy, playfulness, and a deep seeded passion for movement. Special interests in improvisational composition and site specific choreography uniquely reflect our choreographic processes.  With this, we aspire to continually experiment with new vocabularies, ideas, and mediums of expression— we are committed to sharing our passion of dance with audiences in all spaces, of all types. 

In October of 2015, Evolve Dynamicz was established, with the hope of creating a repertoire to perform and share with audiences of all types.

photo by Mickey West Photography

photo by Mickey West Photography

Nicole was born and raised in Buffalo, New York where she started dancing at the age of 2 at Eugenia’s Dance Studio. She trained in ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop, lyrical, and Polish Heritage dancing. At the age of 18, Nicole started school at the University of Rochester where she studied Physics and Dance. At Rochester, she trained in contemporary with mentor Missy Pfohl Smith—artistic director of BIODANCE and director of Program of Dance and Movement at the University of Rochester. Nicole’s first professional experience came when she worked briefly as stage manager for dance company BIODANCE. For the duration of her time at Rochester, Nicole also performed with student group Louvre Performance Ensemble. In Louvre, Nicole held executive board positions as Finance Coordinator and Production Manager and she also served 2 terms as President. Nicole attended the ACDA Northeast Conference, American College Dance Association (formerly ACDFA) in 2012, 2013, and 2015. At the 2015 conference, Nicole premiered “STROBE” in the adjudicated concert series as her first professional choreographic work. In the summer of 2015, Nicole performed for Onstage Dance Company director and choreographer Jennifer Crowell-Kuhnberg in the production “What is Love?” Since her move to Boston, she has also briefly worked with other boston based dance companies including Onstage Repertory, a collaborative choreographic project and Unyted Tek'Nēkz, of Unyted Style Productions, under the direction of Ricardo Foster. In October 2015 Nicole and her dance partner, Lisa Costello, founded their own company; Evolve Dynamicz. Since it’s founding, the company has performed at events across the Boston metropolitan area as well as in New York City. Nicole has taught classes in the Boston area at Starline Academy for the Performing Arts in Stoughton, MA as well as OnStage Dance Studio. She also manages, dances, and choreographs for Evolve and has dreams of one day becoming an architect— merging her passions for the arts and sciences. Nicole is currently  pursuing a Master's of Architecture at Northeastern University.