Girl Fit Classes

GIRL FIT is a strength, flexibility, and injury prevention class tailored to the unique needs of adolescent females. Each class consists of a dynamic warm up, upper body strengthening, core strengthening, glute strengthening, hip stability, lower body and posterior chain strengthening, ankle stability, balance, and stretching. Girls are encouraged to listen to their bodies and modify their workouts to match their own skill level and to maintain good form. Girl Fit is a fun, high energy workout and excellent cross training. Bring your friends and let Girl Fit help you stay strong enough to follow your dreams!

Pricing for Girl Fit Classes:

  • First Girl Fit, Skate Fit, or Yoga Class is free!
  • Single class: $18
  • 5 pack of classes: $80
  • 10 pack of classes: $150
 photo by Emily Teresa Photography 

photo by Emily Teresa Photography 

Work It Out Sessions

WORK IT OUT is an opportunity for girls to come work out in a safe and supportive environment with a plan created by a physical therapist to meet their unique sport specific goals. Girls will be supervised for good form and learn to listen to their bodies to create a safe, chalenging workout. Girls will learn the basics of how to choose, modify, and progress their exercises safely when working out. 

Work It Out is designed to help girls stay strong, flexible, injury free, and confident in taking charge of their health, fitness, and injury prevention. Girls may arrive and work out for their desired amount of time during the 1 hour workout session.

To participate in a Work It Out session, girls will have a work out plan created by their physical therapist upon discharge from PT. If not transitioning directly out of PT, girls should book a 30 minute one-on-one session with a physical therapist to develop a plan for their workouts to meet their unique and sport specific goals. To schedule a one-on-one session with a physical therapist, call Girl Fit Physical Therapy at 617-618-9290 or email 

Pricing for Work It Out Sessions: 

  • Single Work It Out Session: $30
  • 5 Session Package: $140
  • 10 Session Package: $250