Strong Enough to Follow Your Dreams

My whole life I've surrounded myself with strong, amazing women.  Boy am I glad now!  :)  I never quite knew exactly where my dreams were heading, but my experiences, influences, and life's twists, turns, changes, and surprises have led me here.  Girl Fit Physical Therapy.  My dream.  On this blog, you'll hear stories of successes, failures, struggles, joys, laughter, fun, health, fitness, nutrition, wellness, female entrepreneurship, and physical therapy.  In collaboration with many strong women I've been so honored to find throughout my life and those I have yet to meet, I bring you the Girl Fit Physical Therapy Blog.  We will cover interesting and relevant physical therapy topics, do our best to answer all of your questions about PT, health, fitness, and wellness, share stories with you, and hope to inspire you.  

To suggest a blog post or collaborate, email us at  Happy reading!