Strong. Flexible. Confident.

At Girl Fit we are dedicated to health, wellness, injury prevention, and providing girls and women with the tools to stay strong, fit, and achieve their dreams. Through physical therapy, injury prevention, our Stay Fit membership, and group fitness classes, Girl Fit Physical Therapy helps girls and women build their strength, flexibility, balance, and confidence. We will help you learn how to take care of your own body, to understand why injuries occur and how to prevent them, and to empower you to feel confident in staying strong, healthy, and enjoying the activities you love.

Our Services

Physical Therapy

Girl Fit Physical Therapy offers physical therapy for women of all ages. The physical therapy evaluation and treatments will address strength, flexibility, mobility, balance, pain, posture, and more. Click here for more information on insurance coverage. 


If you are injury free and/or have recovered from an injury and have been discharged from physical therapy, but would like to be proactive in your health, wellness, and injury prevention then our wellness services are the right choice for you!  


Our group classes were designed to provide a more fun, interesting, and social way to continue to build on the strength, flexibility, and improved movement you gained during physical therapy (or to prevent injuries in the first place!).

Services for Women

We may be called “Girl” Fit but we treat women of all ages who would like to be strong, fit, and active. Women can take advantage of our physical therapy services, wellness services, or group classes such as Lady Fit, Yoga, and Hip Hop Cardio.

Want to join our group classes?

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